Prosthodontic Dentistry



Crowns, bridges, ceramic inlays, onlays, implants, full and partial dentures

Prosthodontic dentistry involves repairing heavily broken down teeth or replacing missing teeth with appliances such as crowns, bridges, ceramic inlays, onlays, implants or full and partial dentures. Accuracy and an eye for detail are critical in this work as you are dealing with a permanent fixture in your mouth.

Unlike a filling which can easily be re-contoured to suit your bite these appliances are made to measure and a poor fit can compromise the rest of your mouth causing long term problems.

Doing Prosthodontics well, especially complex mouth reconstruction is something we take great pride in at Dental Wellbeing. We have extensive experience in this work and carefully plan our approach to achieve optimum results.

Because this type of treatment often involves large segments of the mouth, proper initial evaluation is very important. We often spend much of your initial consultation evaluating the best procedures and approaches to suit each individual. We usually look at:

  • The overall stability of supporting bone and your general oral hygiene
  • Any grinding habits and the health of jaw joints
  • The level and balance of the overall bite
  • The impact treatment will have on adjacent teeth in regard to function and aesthetics
  • Your neuromuscular condition including posture
  • Any overall health or systemic concerns

Following the initial consultation we develop a detailed treatment plan giving you short, medium and long term options complete with costs for each stage of the process. Using prosthodontics, it's possible to rehabilitate and reconstruct your bite from a very poor condition sometimes to high levels of function and better appearance.

To achieve this we follow a very strict protocol of assessment and treatment planning. It is critical for this type of treatment to be planned properly for it to be successful, long lasting and to have a positive effect on the condition of your mouth.

We have invested a lot of time and effort in setting up systems and equipment to perform this type of treatment to an exceptional standard. For instance, we use the Acculiner system to assess and analyse your posture and bite, as well as to plan and perform treatment.

We use high magnification and precision equipment during all procedures. We also aim to stay at the forefront of technology using the latest innovations as they become available such as dentures with invisible retainers or gum coloured clasps. We have sourced the best materials available and work with leading laboratories, to maintain our high standards.

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