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Root canal treatment - not as bad as you think!

There is a misconception that root canal treatment is a particularly gruesome treatment to go through. Nothing can be further from the truth. It is just another type of dental procedure.

Sometimes the tissue inside a tooth can deteriorate and die, due to a variety of reasons. Root canal treatment simply involves cleaning, disinfecting and sealing the canals inside the roots of the tooth with a special filling. This treatment allows us to keep the tooth instead of extracting it.

Before root canal treatment it is important to evaluate the tooth to see if it is actually worth saving as some teeth may not be worth keeping. If they are we will either root fill in our surgery or refer them to a root canal treatment specialist.

Once a tooth has been root filled it has the potential to function as well as any other tooth in the mouth, however it may need special reinforcement internally and/or externally with a post or a crown.

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