Chronic Pain and TMD Management



You may not be aware that your posture and jaw alignment could be responsible for chronic pain conditions such as headaches, neck pain, back pain and even migraines. To manage chronic pain we combine both chiropractic and dentistry skills in a holistic approach.

Dental Wellbeing is one of the few experienced practices in Sydney in this field and we work closely with leading chiropractors in this area. One of the treatment protocols we use is the Chirodontic system devised by Dr Bob Walker of the United States. We have both trained in this system and have all the equipment available to be able to analyse and treat a patient under this system.

In recent years there has been extensive research into this field, investigating the close link between breathing, head posture, lower jaw position and the muscle tension in the head and neck area which can cause pain.

We are particularly interested in helping chronic pain patients who may be suffering from pain in the head and neck area, muscle spasms, headaches, migraines, jaw joint pains, TMD ( Temporomandibular Dysfunction), postural problems or clenching and grinding of teeth.

When assessing a chronic pain patient it is important to consider the patient as a whole, both structurally and functionally looking at head, neck, thorax, pelvis and feet as well as physiologically, considering hormones, nutrition and emotional state.

This holistic approach means we can determine exactly what drives the individual patient's symptoms and have the possibility to be able to treat the cause and not the symptoms. Chirodontics will usually involve appointments with both the chiropractor and the dental practitioner.

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