Safe Amalgam Replacement



Dental Wellbeing has been a non-amalgam practice since our inception in 1992. We have had extensive experience and training since that time in using alternative filling materials and techniques. Current materials take a lot of time and skill to place correctly but are far superior and more bio-compatible than anything available in the past.

Even though we do not place amalgam in teeth we still have to replace amalgam fillings many times a day which presents a health risk to the dental team as well as the patient.

At Dental Wellbeing we have developed a very strict protocol for handling any material containing mercury and have many measures in place to eliminate exposure to mercury particles or vapour. Many of our patients are referred by health care practitioners such as naturopaths for complete replacement of their amalgams.

As these patients' immune system can be quite depressed or compromised, they often follow a vitamin supplementation and detoxification program prior and during their treatment. This program is tailored to their individual health condition by their health practitioner.

We understand the special needs of these patients and have developed and adopted a system to care for them. If you are considering amalgam removal and would like a program, we can refer you to a health care provider who will tailor one for you.

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