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Treatment at Dental Wellbeing is not like any dental visit you've experienced before. We want you to be informed and involved at every step of your dental care. Our aim is to give you an active role in your treatment and maintenance of dental health. Instead of a six monthly visit "wondering" what the dentist will find we can give you confidence and peace of mind that you have significantly reduced the risk of decay, gum disease or any need for frequent repairs.

The first step in the process is to take a thorough medical and dental history. The initial exam takes around an hour. Not all of that time is spent in the chair as we also spend a lot of time discussing your worries and concerns about your mouth and teeth, your lifestyle and goals for dental wellbeing.

We also take into account:

  • Your overall systemic health
  • Your posture and current neuromuscular condition of head and neck muscles and jaw joints
  • Your breathing and any difficulties such as snoring
  • Your general nutrition

Once we have gathered this information we are then able to make a comprehensive assessment of your current condition giving consideration to not only your mouth and teeth but all those other areas which may have an impact on your dental health.

Once we have evaluated all the treatment options we can develop a custom tailored treatment plan looking at short, medium and long term goals. Before we proceed with any work we will give you a treatment with short, medium and long term options complete with costs. You can then decide how you want your treatment to proceed.

Our main aim is to give you active input into your treatment and make you as independent of the dentist as possible. To achieve this we focus heavily on prevention. In combination with a plan of treatment, we prescribe a customised oral hygiene routine, which if followed will maintain your mouth in a stable condition before, during and after any treatment.

A typical Dental Wellbeing treatment program includes:

  • Take medical and dental history
  • Stabilise mouth and tailor oral hygiene routine to individual patient
  • Construct treatment plan, consult with patient as to choice of treatment options
  • Perform treatment
  • Ongoing maintenance

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