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The first thing you'll notice about Dental Wellbeing is that our surgery runs at a different pace. The average length of appointment at Dental Wellbeing is much longer than most dental practices. It's not because we are slow it's because we have a commitment to quality, and quality takes time.

For example when we repair or restore teeth we establish an isolation field using a dental dam which prevents contamination of the tooth with bacteria or moisture, and results in a longer lasting seal between the filling and the tooth.

During consultations we wear high magnification "glasses" as better vision dramatically aids in the diagnosis and treatment of any damage or decay. We also constantly research new materials and equipment which can produce better results, for instance we are one of only a few dentists who use an Acculiner during the initial check up to evaluate jaw alignment and diagnose any related problems. In fact a standard check up takes over an hour as we take the time to plan and sequence any subsequent treatments.

We are also aware that extra time can be tiring for you, the patient, and endeavour to make your visits as comfortable as possible with aromatherapy oils, relaxing music or television. We think it's a vote of support that many of our patients drift off to sleep during treatments.

To keep up our quality standards we have a continuing education and training program for all our team members and we take the time to listen to feedback from our patients so we can continue to improve.

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