The practice is open from 8:30am till 5:30pm Monday to Friday. Appointments can be made outside these hours for patients with special requirements.

The first thing you'll notice about Dental Wellbeing is that our surgery runs at a different pace. The average length of appointment at Dental Wellbeing is much longer than most dental practices. It's not because we are slow, it's because we have a commitment to quality and quality takes time.

You will find that at Dental Wellbeing an initial check up takes around an hour and generally no repair work is performed at this time. Following the initial check up a full treatment plan is developed giving you short, medium and long term treatment options. For instance you may have lost a filling that needs urgent repair and should be done quickly to avoid further loss of tooth.

However you may have a large filling that needs replacing within the next six months and a crown that will be required within the next 12 months. You may also want to have your teeth whitened which is non urgent and can be done at any time.

Each phase of your treatment plan is itemised so you are able to plan your dental visits to suit your schedule and your budget.

To make an appointment at Dental Wellbeing
please phone : (02) 9524 6677

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