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We are a team oriented, patient-needs type of practice, committed to the concept that every person who enters our practice can become independent of the dentist. We achieve this by motivating, encouraging and inspiring our patients to become actively involved in preventive dentistry rather than the traditional "passive" patient role. In short, we believe each person can become, to some extent, their own dentist.

We believe we are the primary health care provider of the mouth, and because of this, feel our greatest service is in educating our patients. We also believe that repair is not always the best option, but if repair is needed, we will provide the service with unparalleled care and comfort and we believe routine dental procedures can and should be performed painlessly.

We have a strong sense of quality - quality in our dental services, of course, but also quality in our working environment and in the people we work with. Our vision is to have an office that is fun, exciting and rewarding to work in, and that all the people who work here have the opportunity to fulfil themselves and experience achievement. The creativity, then, that emerges from the practice comes from the many ideas of the individuals who work here.

We have a strong commitment to constantly train, research and further enhance our professional devlopment, with the aim of always improving ways of providing service to our patients and setting challenges for ourselves.

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