Holistic Dentists - Integrative Dentistry - Safe Amalgam Removal

Eurydice Hatzis and Kypros Rossides are holistic dentists with a difference! They get you involved in every step of your dental care from check up to treatment. A visit to Dental Wellbeing puts you in control of your dental health with practical advice and genuine care. Experience the difference for yourself!

A standard check up takes a holistic approach including bite analysis, general health, body posture and time spent talking about your worries and concerns. Eurydice and Kypros are passionate about the safe removal of amalgams and have developed surgery protocols that protect both the patient and the dental team.

Time is spent creating mercury free fillings which dramatically reduce the risk of further decay or tooth loss. Bridges, crowns, overlays, inlays and part or full dentures are all painstakingly created using the latest methods, best materials and leading laboratories for longer lasting, better fitting results.

Eurydice and Kypros practise integrative dentistry working with other health practitioners to reduce headaches and pain caused by jaw misalignment and postural problems. Every treatment plan includes a tailored at home maintenance and prevention program.


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